Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

After a few years in prison, Shadow is released to find that his wife tragically died along with his best friend.  Few remnants of his past life remain and he quickly meets Mr. Wednesday, a mysterious character that requests his services.  Their journey continues across America to meet many of his new boss's unusual colleagues and acquaintances.  Through a series of twists and turns, the novel unfolds into a great tale of intrigue and mystery culminating into a battle between the old and new Gods of this world.  The novel is the winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards in 2002.  I enjoyed the book, but unfortunately had very high expectations prior to reading that were not entirely met.  Neil Gaiman is a talented writer with a prolific career.  I would recommend the book and look forward to the HBO series adaptation that is planned to come in 2013.

Rating 4/5

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing Group

Lost in the Trees is an eclectic ensemble that can even impress theEclecticHobbyist with its breadth of originality.  Any group that includes a guitar, tuba, accordion, violin, and cello is already on the A-list.  The group founded the genre orchestral pop and infuse many classical elements with a more traditional singer-songwriter.  Ari Picker the songwriter and composer was formally trained at Berklee and shows his musical abilities in every song.  Lost in the Trees released their debut album (All alone in an Empty House) for the Anti-Records label on August 10, 2010.  Check out their title song below.                                   
Rating 5/5


Monday, September 5, 2011

Resurrection of Liberty, by Michael Wentz

     This epic science fiction novel is a fantastic adventure full of endless action and mystery.  As three unsuspecting teenagers get pulled into space while driving an old car, they soon learn that more exists in space than just life on earth.  As they journey further into the great beyond, they discover that life on earth is threatened by an invasive race that has been causing destruction throughout the galaxy.  It is up to Dan and his friends, as well as a ragtag group of followers to save earth and ultimately the galaxy.  Although the characters lack some development, it is a fast paced book that is hard to put down.  I would recommend this to any reader who enjoys a great story.  Also, the book is currently free on Amazon!!

4/5 Stars

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yuengling Lager

 Although not the greatest beer on earth, it is from America's first brewery and a great standard.  A cheap and enjoyable everyday beer from the keystone state.  My usual weekday beer classic.

3.5/5 Stars